Solvexio teaches simple Rubik's cube solving methods using step-by-step 3D animations.

You will learn how to recognize when to apply certain moves in order to manipulate the cube how you want.

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The methods in this app are made for you to learn the cube, not to just follow steps without understanding.

After practicing the Solvexio methods you will be able to pick up any scrambled cube and solve it under a minute.

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  • How to Solve a Rubik's Cube Tutorials
  • Beginner Method (DSEF) Uses the Same 5 Steps Each Time
  • Timer / Stopwatch with DNF, +2, Last and Best Avg. of 5, Ao12, and Ao50
  • Step by Step 3D Cube Animations
  • Intermediate Method (FIXLL) with only 9 Algorithms to Memorize and 4-Look Last Layer
  • One Page Graphical Quick Reference Guides
  • Void Cube and Mini Tower Instructions
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